Monday 25 February 2019 during choir practice


Printable pdf of EGM Agenda

Printable pdf of Committee job descriptions

Printable pdf of ballot paper EGM and editable Word document ballot paper EGM

  1. Apologies for absence – to be received

2. Committee resignations – to consider and act upon the implications of pending resignations

The following Committee members will be resigning from the Committee at the AGM on 23 September 2019: Jo Curry (Chair), Jenny Hyams (Minutes & Publicity Secretary), and Carol Hammond (Friends Co-ordinator).

Other Committee members:

Joanna Barfield (Membership Secretary) will have to be re-elected at the AGM (assuming that she will wish to remain on the Committee) because her three-year term of office will have ended.

John Awty (Staging Manager) was elected to the Committee at the 2017 AGM and therefore will not require re-election until 2020.

Julia Awty (Music Librarian), Malcolm Butcher (Treasurer) and Caroline Rodbourne (Vice Chair) were re-elected to the Committee at the 2018 AGM and therefore will not require re-election until 2021.

Choir members are reminded that under the Charity Commission’s regulations if a charity does not have a Chair, the Charity Commissioners will dissolve the organisation.

  1. Ballot paper

Choir members are therefore asked to consider joining the Committee and filling the four current vacant places now, with a possible view to replacing the Chair from within the Committee, and the Minutes & Publicity Secretary from the Committee or from the choir, at the 2019 AGM.

Nominations have already been proposed and seconded for two of the four vacant places – printable ballot paper here. 


Monday 25 February 2019

BALLOT PAPER for the nomination of four Committee Members

1 John Layton Jo Curry Jenny Hyams
2 Stella Brownsea Jenny Hyams Jo Curry

When you have completed the ballot paper, either by printing off the pdf ballot paper or Word doc ballot paper, please return it to Jo Curry either as an email attachment to jo.curry@sky.com or in person at choir practice before 25th.

  1. Job Descriptions for main posts in Harleston Choral Society Committee


  • is first point of contact for all enquiries
  • Chairs all meetings
  • checks draft Agendas and Minutes, information to be posted on the website, and draft press releases
  • liaises with Committee
  • liaises with choir members
  • liaises with Musical Director
  • acts as GDPR (Data Protection) Lead
  • is au fait with HCS Constitution
  • writes two Newsletters pa
  • books both churches for choir practices and concerts
  • books King George Hall for use during concerts and concert rehearsal
  • applies for drinks licence for concerts
  • is responsible for Health & Safety
  • is responsible for Musical Director’s and Accompanist’s contracts
  • sets up London Road Church for choir practices

Vice Chair

  • stands in for Chair when necessary
  • acts as Deputy Treasurer for HCS’s day-to-day finances, when necessary and in the absence of the Treasurer


  • has overall responsibility for all HCS finances
  • has responsibility to keep income & expenditure up to date, and to present this at Committee meetings
  • has responsibility to get the accounts approved for the AGM by the auditor
  • liaises with Chair, Musical Director and Committee
  • is au fait with the HCS Constitution

Minutes & Publicity Secretary

  • liaises with Chair and Committee members
  • is au fait with HCS Constitution
  • draws up Agendas for Committee Meetings, and any other necessary meetings
  • takes Minutes and highlights Actions arising from these
  • creates Reports (edited version of Committee Minutes) for website
  • prepares all papers for the AGM
  • compiles and types Programme text, prior to printing
  • gives adequate warning to John Formston re concert[s] banner
  • sends press releases to parish magazines and other local publicity outlets, working to their press deadlines for the choir year, ie the start of the Summer Term, the Summer Concert, the Autumn Term, the Christmas Concert/start of January term 

Membership Secretary

  • liaises [mainly] with Chair and Minutes & Publicity Secretary
  • ‘meets and greets’ choir members at choir practices
  • keeps choir practice register up to date term by term
  • notifies choir members on line with choir information etc
  • prints off hard copies for those members who are not on line
  • has responsibility for monitoring GDPR within HCS
  • keeps the various sections of the website up to date, with Paul Cope (Website Manager)
  • liaises with Musical Director re input to website
  • organises outings to concerts, events etc
  • publicises ‘outside’ concerts
  • sends cards on behalf of HCS to choir members when appropriate

Music Librarian

  • liaises with Musical Director over the music required for concerts
  • orders music for choir, soloists and musicians when necessary, usually collected in person from Norwich Music Library
  • hands out music at the beginning of the Autumn and Spring Terms
  • collects in music used in previous concert, at the beginning of the Autumn and Spring Terms

Friends Co-ordinator

  • responsible for monitoring, and liaising with, the HCS Friends
  • responsible for sending out concert tickets – and letters/cards when necessary – to the Friends

Staging Manager

  • liaises with Membership Secretary re numbers of each voice part for seating arrangements at concerts
  • recruits and co-ordinates helpers to erect and dismantle concert staging
  • transports staging to/from St John’s (with helpers) before the Friday evening rehearsal and after the concert
  • transports chairs (with helpers) from King George Hall to/from St John’s

Committee as a whole

  • meetings: we have four full Committee Meetings pa (usually at 7.00 pm, in a Committee member’s house); plus the AGM at the end of September each year (during choir practice); plus ‘check list’ meetings the Mondays before concerts (in the London Road Church at 7.00 pm); and plus any other meetings as and when necessary, eg an EGM 
  • Sub-Committees: we form these when necessary 
  • Social Events: we organise social events, eg the annual Quiz Evening and Summer Garden Party
  • choir practices: we help set up the London Road Church prior to Monday evening choir practices