Letter from Janette. June 2019

24 June 2019

Dear committee and choir members

Congratulations on Saturday night’s concert performance! 

I was amazed by how much the choir upped their game in the evening – it was so much better than what was achieved in the afternoon, and that was good!

The choir’s attention to details we had covered in rehearsal was first class – attention to words, vowel sounds, word endings and the ends of phrases was terrific and that, combined with the range of speaking accents and the full-on commitment to bringing the drama of the opera off the page and into a theatre rather than a church was, in all honesty, a wonder to behold. It seemed to me that in the concert that you all had a sudden ‘lightbulb’ moment and it showed in your faces and in your singing.

Your singing in the first half was also impressive. I am sure that you will all have your own favourite moments, but for me the control and sincerity of the a cappella  Thou knowest Lord, the secrets of our hearts, was truly spectacular. I found your singing really moving.

The extra singers that came along to support us all commented on how welcome you made them feel and how they were in awe of the amazing concert tea produced and served by Julia and her team. As members of several different choirs they were also very impressed by the efficiency of the team that took down the staging at the end of the concert. 

You have all done a fantastic job this term – working hard on learning the notes and then being put through your paces on how I actually wanted them to be sung. Now that you have performed those piece to an audience I hope that you feel that all of that effort was worth it. 

The soloists and several members of the audience that spoke to me in the interval and at the end of the concert were fulsome in their praise for your performances. Well done team you’ve done a great job!

I look forward to seeing you all again in September for our Christmas repertoire, which includes substantial works by Vaughan Williams and Bob Chilcott, plus some carols for audience and some for us on our own.

With very best wishes to you and your families for a great summer break!