Practice Schedule


Purcell Anthology p. 22-23 Thou knowest Lord
                             p.18-21  Remember not Lord
                             p. 11-14 I was glad
                             p. 68-70 O sing unto the Lord
                             p. 75-77 Ditto


Purcell Anthology – p5 – 11 I was glad


D and A – p. 30-31 Harm’s our delight
p 32-33 Ho ho ho
p 35-36 Ho ho ho
p 39 In our deep vaulted cell
p 10-12 I was glad


Dido and Aeneas – page 11 When monarchs unite
p15 Fear no danger to ensue
p 45 Thank to these lonesome vales
p 52 Haste, haste to town
p 61Come away fellow sailors
p 76 Great minds against themselves conspire
p 81 With drooping wings


Purcell Anthology – Revise p.22/23 and p.91
Dido and Aeneas – p.11 When monarchs unite
                             – p.15/16 Fear no danger
                             – p.76/77 Great minds
                             – p.61-63 Come away – revise
                             – p.81-84  With drooping wings – revise


Purcell Anthology – p.22 Revise Thou knowest, Lord
                             – p.91only  Rejoice in the Lord alway
 NB Sops and altos sing countertenor part
Dido and Aeneas – p.76 and77
                             – p.81 – 84 NB be very soft on the word             soft!
                             – p.61-63 Revise


Purcell Anthology – p.22 Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts
Dido and Aeneas – p.61 Come away, fellow sailors
NB Sung in West Country accent! So emphasising the letter ‘r’ and missing ‘g’ off words ending in -ing.