Report of Committee Meeting, 20 September


REPORT of the Committee Meeting held on Thursday 20 September 2018

at 7.00 pm at Church Farm, All Saints

Present: John Awty, Julia Awty, Joanna Barfield, Malcolm Butcher, Jo Curry, Carol Hammond, Jenny Hyams

In attendance: Janette Ruocco

  1. Apologies for Absence

Received from Heather Butcher, Caroline Rodbourne and Richard Thomas.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (7 June 2018)

Confirmed and signed as a correct record.

  1. Brian Fisher

Brian’s funeral will be on Thursday 27 September at St John’s Church at 2.30 pm, followed by burial at Needham Church and a gathering afterwards at The Swan in Harleston. At his son’s request, some choir members will sing one of Brian’s favourite pieces of music.

  1. Matters arising

Data Protection:  40 consent forms have been returned plus two from Janette and Karen, leaving a shortfall of 17.  Jo thanked John, Jenny and Joanna for their hard work in getting the new GDPR regulations in place for HCS.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

This was deferred until the AGM on 24th.  Malcolm reported that the accounts have been audited and returned. All subs for the current term are now in, with the exception of those from new members.

  1. AGM

The arrangements for the AGM on 24th were briefly discussed, and the seating arrangements agreed. Nathaniel will not be there but will submit his Patron’s Report.  So far no ballot papers have been received. In the event that there are no nominations, Jo and Jenny will stay in their posts for one more year, John will take on Jo’s responsibility for church and hall bookings, and Joanna Jenny’s for keeping the website up to date.

  1. Summer Concert, June 2018

There was very good feedback on the concert, although some of the audience said that they would like to hear more of the choir and less of the soloists. The Committee thanked Janette for her very helpful and easy to follow conducting.

  1. Concerts Christmas 2018 – Summer 2019

(i) Christmas Concert, Saturday 8 December 2018, Blessed be that Babe

Janette distributed her paper on the soloists and musicians, the programme running order, and the concert day arrangements, under the title of her composition for the choir, Blessed be that babe (a copy of Janette’s paper will be filed with the Minutes).

Julia said that she will organise tea for the soloists, Karen, and the Ensemble, plus a possible additional three Basses and two Tenors. Wine only will be served in the interval, charged for, not by donation.

(ii) Summer Concert, Saturday 22 June 2019, An Evening with Henry Purcell

Janette distributed an updated paper on the music we will be singing, the soloists, and the musicians for the evening (a copy of this will be filed with the Minutes). She is considering giving the parts of the First and Second Witches to Soprano and/or Alto choir members. Choir music will be obtained for free from the Essex Music Education Hub.

(iii) Christmas Concert, Saturday 14 December 2019, The Twelve Days of Christmas

Janette distributed an updated paper on this concert (a copy of this will be filed with the Minutes).

(iv) Summer Concert, 20 June 2020, Songs and Cries

Janette distributed copies of her ‘First Thoughts’ for this concert (a copy of this will be filed with the Minutes), which might include jazzy items, spirituals, a children’s choir, and a piano duet.  To be discussed further at the next Committee meeting.

(v) Christmas Concert, 5 or 12 December 2020, The First Nowell

Janette distributed her ‘First Thoughts’ for this concert (a copy of this will be filed with the Minutes), which might require four soloists and nineteen instrumentalists. It was suggested that because of the potential cost of this concert, it might be worth considering joining forces with another of Janette’s choirs/orchestras.

  1. NCC Music Lending Library

Julia said there is nothing to report because we are borrowing less music from NCC MLL.

  1. Website

Jenny said that the website is up to date, and the Home Page is a tribute to Paul’s talent. The Committee sent congratulations to Paul on his doctorate.

  1. Sponsorship/funding

Jenny distributed copies of her paper on possible funding sources (a copy of this will be filed with the Minutes), and apologised for not having had adequate time to consider sponsorship. All the five funders listed ask for an identified project for which funding is being requested; Adnams and the Garfield Weston Foundation both require information on ongoing/previous fund-raising activities, and the amount raised; and The Norwich Freemen’s Charity’s priority funding areas emphasises the educational benefit of any project for which funding is being sought. However, the Garfield Weston Foundation’s Revenue/Core Costs is the only one of the five listed charities which will consider grants towards an organisation’s running costs.

It was agreed that Jenny, Jo and Malcolm will look into an application to the Garfield Weston Foundation for a grant towards HCS’s running costs; Malcolm in the meantime will produce costing evidence for this; further discussion on a possible identified project and current fund-raising to go to the next Committee meeting; sponsorship also to be considered at this meeting

  1. Quiz Evening

Caroline will find out availability in March of St James Village Hall.

  1. Dates of next meetings

Saturday 10 November: outing to Norwich Cathedral for Brahms Requiem

Monday 3 December: ‘check list’ concert meeting, 7.00 pm, back room of The Church at London Road

Saturday 26 January 2019: Committee meeting

  1. AOB

(i) Amended term date:  Spring Term 2019 to end on Monday 1 April rather than 8th

(ii) Beccles Choral Society:  Joanna pointed out that Beccles Choral Society has produced a bookmark listing all their 2018-2020 concerts.

(iii) Meljon Singers:  Janette’s Chamber Choir will be singing ‘Voices of Passion’ on Saturday 13 October 2018 at  St John’s Church, Epping. Programme includes John Tavener’s Svyati and Richard Rodney Bennett’s A farewell to Arms.  Tickets reduced for HCS members.