This is my financial report to cover the finances for Harleston Choral Society for the financial year ending on 31st August 2020.

We have had income from subscriptions for two-term sessions, totalling £3500 in all.

We have also received gift aid of £980 which includes £250 relating to Nathaniel’s donation.   Total donations this year were £3851, which includes £750 from Halesworth Festival of Voices which we were granted from the remaining funds now that they have ceased operating.

It was agreed that we pay Janette and Karen up to the concert date in June and then a further fee through to December 2020.   These are referred to as retaining fees in the accounts.  The payment for the hire of London Road Church is for a full year but I have agreed with Neil Irvine that the money paid from Easter to June can be carried forward to when we re-start rehearsals.   This equates to 12 weeks which is £324.

The December concert brought in an income of £1709 and the costs incurred came to £2475.   We have made a payment of £100 towards the hire of a grand piano, but instead of Giller Pianos returning the funds, they decided to give us a credit note as they are having severe financial problems, like a lot of firms.

The bank balance for the Society is now £7,295.